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Keep Doing What You're Doing - Anita Wilson
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Semone Trinity Adkins was born with Down Syndrome on May 1st, 1995. Semone's birth and existence is truly a miracle, due to the fact she was almost aborted at 7 months pregnancy. She is still here because God did not let her be aborted. Semone overcame all odds. 


Semone Adkins was the first young lady with Down Syndrome to win a High School Homecoming Crown with a Down Syndrome King in the world in 2013. A particular highlight of homecoming week was the couple's performance at the talent show in the school’s auditorium on Oct. 7. Semone had the crowd on its feet with a performance of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).’’ At the conclusion of the song, Bubba walked out, got down on one knee, and put a ring on her finger. He then removed his Clark Kent-style hat and glasses and opened his shirt to reveal a Superman outfit.


“The audience went crazy,’’ Mattingly said. “Bubba is just such a popular young man, just so friendly, that everybody just enjoys him, and it doesn’t take long for him to make friends. Semone is a little more reserved, but when she went up on stage in that talent show, she just came alive. She put on a great performance. It was just very inspirational.”


Semone is a part of the National Down Syndrome Entrepreneur Academy and has started her own business.  The name of Semone's business is Queen Semone LLC.